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Getting Married? Then you need a Wedding Website

  • How do you tell the world that you're getting married?
  • Let a Wedding Website do its magic for you. Now, your invitation methods can be minimal. You can just make your formal invitation, with a direction to your wedding website, for them to get the other nitty-gritty finer details, like venue, date and such.
  • We are not talking about being part of a wedding directory portal, but a full website just for your special moment! With your own domain name, like whenharrymetsally.com
  • And, if you need more special features, technological implementation of them is not a problem. Your website is in good experienced technical hands. Any features can be dicussed to be implemented. One current example: SMS-Wishes to the Couple, that appears on screen, during the event, just like the live TV shows. Another example: a Gift Registry feature that allows your Guests to know and buy only the gifts that you want/like and to avoid duplicate gifts.
  • See below for some screenshots of how your Wedding Website can look like.
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Some screenshots: Wedding Website

Wedding Website

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  • If you need a Live Demo URL link for the above demo website, do Contact Me and I'll give it to you for you to try it out to see the magic for yourself.
  • I understand that your wedding is a magical event. I will give a listening ear to advise you how best to build your wedding website, with full mutual consultation. Mobile: 91097721 (Khan) (Singapore-065), Email: khan@getcha.com