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What I Can Do For You

Contest Entry Submission System

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Attendance Taking App

Smart Management System

Online Annual Reports

Fintech Apps

Download Online Videos

Disruptive Technology

Wedding Website

Cleaning Services [Web + App System]

Custom Digital Signage

Crowd Funding Platform/Application

Management Dashboards

Customer Relationship Management

Custom CRM Systems

Education Portals

Online Training Apps / Portals

Mobile Apps (Android)

Mobile Apps (iOS)

Mobile Apps (Windows)

Wordpress Installation Service

Client Management Software

Human Resource (HR) / Payroll Systems

Document Management and Mobile Access System

Feedback Tracking and Management System

Corporate Web Sites

Events / Congress Registration System

Production Run Software

Support and Maintenance of Systems

Condominium Facilities Booking System

Spa Reservation System

Order Tracking and Processing / Invoicing System

Security Deployment System

Hotel Rooms Reservation System

Government Grants for Systems Development

Clinic / Patient / Medicine Management System

E-commerce Website and Management System

Inventory System (for factories or shops or any business)

Appointment Scheduling and Booking System

Asset / Personnel Tracking and Identification

Clinic Management System

Customer Relationship Management System

Enhanced Point-of-Sales (POS) System

E-Procurement Management System

Fleet Management System

HR E-Scheduling

Inventory Management System

Mobile Ordering and Payment System

Queue Management System

School Management System

Wireless Paging System

ANY System at all, as long as you give me the logic, I can develop! All systems are built from ground up so your exact needs are met.

Your Management Software can look Like This!

Quick Note

I notice that many people who want to hire web and mobile app developers and programmers are basically confused on where to start or even what questions to ask the developer.

I’ve made a comprehensive document that covers all such issues (from the questions of previous clients) and also consolidated issues regarding my services and how it can help you achieve your business goals. It aims to cover all issues/concerns/questions you might have. I do not put it up on this site because some of the issues mentioned are proprietary to my service and only share with interested clients.

If you want a copy of this doc, please click the Contact section and type “Service Doc” in the Subject, and submit the form.

Cool Features in Your System

yyy Secure Login System
All systems nowadays have to be login-based with a security as tight as possible. In line with this, our developed solutions all use the same secure login mechanism to log in the various users for them to execute their respective roles.
yyy Your Own Logo, Your Own App
We develop systems from ground up, not using some 3rd party engines, configured for your company. So, not just the logo, but everything and anything will be based on your and only your logic and requirements.
Cool Notification Section
When you need to be notified, you app will notify. And do it in a cool way to. And you can efficiently follow up to do what you have to do.
See Full List of Cool Features

Why Consider My Services

I'm the consultant, I'm the programmer. You don't get a sweet-talking sales or marketing executive to over-promise and under-deliver. You can talk straight to me. If it CAN be done, I'll say so, and it WILL be done. No hiding behind words.
A nation doesn't become Smart just like that. It gets Smart because of the initiatives of the companies in the nation. Over the many years, I've played my part in making many companies do just that. To improve their workflow, however unique it may be, so that they can continue their business "smarter", in a more productive and cost-efficient way. This is not just for big companies. It's for anyone, right down to the solo entrepreneur.
Either during initial development or subsequent changes, you don't talk to a sales or support representative. You talk to me directly. The more you talk, the more I'll suggest better ideas. Not fancy ideas, but technically-possible ideas. And immediately too. Not: "I'll get back after discussing with the programmer". This is applicable for initial develoment and also subsequent follow-up requests.
My daily work is managing clients like yourself, both new and existing. With their new ideas or enhancements to existing projects. You can call or email me with readily-available contact details (see page-top) and run any ideas or anything you have, in your head, through me and get a positive, fast response with good suggestions to move forward.
I work from home. The cost I quote to you will be lower than what you'll typically get. Try asking me.

Connect with Me

Are You Facing These Problems?

My current business software is tying me down., has a lot of restrictions., has licensing restrictions., has per-user-based licensing., has too many features which I don't use., doesn't have the exact feature that will help me and my business., has a large learning curve., is not exactly improving my business!, NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!

THEN, what you need is this:

  • Web Developer / Mobile App Developer who develops ANY custom system to fit your business operational needs. No licensing restrictions, user restrictions or any such conditions.
  • Don't settle for a ready-made software or system. Have it custom-developed. Why? Because it fits your exact needs (instead of being an overkill). And also there won't be a case of having so many features but not one particular feature that you need. Custom development gives you exactly what you want, no more no less.
  • Also, you're not stuck with restrictive conditions like pay-per-license or pay-per-user. Further, there's almost no learning curve and no staff training needed. This developer can develop web apps or mobile apps (Android / iOS / Windows) so that you can get down to doing your management work immediately.
  • Singapore is going towards the Smart Nation concept. Don't be left out. Are you still running your business operations the same old-fashioned way? Everything is "Smart" nowadays. It's time to make your work-flow Smart as well.
  • And don't forget: there are various grants here in Singapore that helps companies when they want to have such automation software and systems developed.

Who Am I

Anees Khan

Web Developer, App Developer, Programmer

(Getcha Solutions, Singapore)

A real, local person behind all your web site and mobile apps development and programming needs and solutions.

Call Contact

I am a Web and Mobile Apps Developer, based in Singapore. I'm a 3rd-generation local Singaporean, who is now residing at Sengkang, Singapore. I have been in the Web Development line (and now Apps Development) for the past 21 years, since 1995. 

I have started this company, Getcha Solutions (Getcha.com), as a point of help for people or companies who seek an external help for their business web and mobile app development in Singapore​. Feel free to explore what I can do for you,​ as a web developer and mobile apps developer in Singapore for your business.

Other than that, I also provide consultancy services in areas of web site / apps development and all IT areas. I am a Web/Mobile App Technology Consultant who is now serving as an outsourced webmaster and apps-maintenance person to many companies in Singapore. Mainly, I develop custom-based bespoke web / mobile apps systems and applications.

My Skills

  • Android Apps Development
  • iOS Apps Development
  • Web Apps Development
  • Web Site Development
  • Web Site Programming
  • PHP Programming
  • mySQL Programming
  • jQuery Programming
  • Flash Development

Some of My Clients and What They Say

Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd)

Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd)

Stop paying in currencies which fluctuate up and down, giving you a disadvantage. Transact in Gold. Retain your Advantage!

"Organized, Efficient and Effective Web Developer"

Anees has helped develop my website from scratch for 3 months. He was able to meet my budget and website functional requirements. Anees has proven to be a very professional web developer

- Woo Tsung Liang
Managing Director, Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd)
Knowledge Playground Pte Ltd

Knowledge Playground Pte Ltd

Imagine a playground where students from all over the world gather to play and learn with each other. There’s something for everyone. You can learn individually or as a group, with familiar friends or with new friends from other parts of the world.

"Proven to be a very professional web developer"

Reliable partner in business

- Jason Ong (Ed.D)
Founder and CEO, Knowledge Playground Pte Ltd
Singapore First Aid Training Centre Pte Ltd

Singapore First Aid Training Centre Pte Ltd

A training/attendance portal for a First Aid Centre. This App allows the client to conduct their practical first aid training in a paperless efficient way. It comes with automatic grading, attendance-taking with actual signatures, PDF results and attendance report generations.

"Quick to understand needs"

... He was quick to understand our needs and proposed options so that we could decide on the best option for us based on ...

- Priya Subramanian
Chief Operations Officer, Singapore First Aid Training Centre Pte Ltd
Singapore First Aid Training Centre Pte Ltd

VIP Hotel (Singapore)

The VIP Hotel is a luxurious haven, nicely furnished to provide you with the most comfortable stay. Every guest in our hotel is a VIP. Situated in a quiet upper class residential area just on the outskirt of the city (Orchard Road), VIP Hotel is tranquility of a quiet neighborhood plus the convenience of city life.

"Happy with the Arrangement"

As an IT illiterate at 69, in November 2009, I stumbled onto an email, subject: CMS. Out of curiosity, I telephoned 91097721 ...

- KS Tan
Manager, VIP Hotel (Singapore)
Eduquest International Institute

Eduquest International Institute

A site for a Centre of Human Capital Development (a training institute). An example of a Maintain-It-Yourself website, where the site owners maintain 90% of the site contents themselves, using an Admin Control Panel, right from the masthead to the logos you see at the page-bottom using a custom Getcha Solution

"Anees did an excellent job"

Anees has done an excellent job by providing us with a self-administrable web site for our company. ...

- Idris Malim
Director, Eduquest International Pte Ltd