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Freelance Software Developer Singapore

Custom Enterprise Software Solution

Updated: 27th Feb 2023
This is my core service at the moment. I develop Custom Enterprise Software Solution for various companies in various industries. If ready-made software which you bought off-the-shelf is not serving your EXACT needs, then custom software solution is the only way to go. Contact me for that.
Or read more at this Proposal Page.

If you only have 2 minutes, read this:

If you want a

custom enterprise software solutions

for your

business systems and operations


hire a web developer in Singapore

or a

full stack developer in Singapore

or a

software developer

or a

freelance app developer singapore

, I'm the man.
I'm a full-time

website designer


web app developer

and a

mobile app developer

and a

software developer in Singapore

I develop



web applications


mobile applications

or commonly called

mobile apps

. I also help companies with their existing websites who need help in

website maintenance


making changes

I also develop

custom management systems


custom management software

to help business workflow operations to go from

paper to cloud

, from

manual to automatic

, from last-century-style to latest-tech.
I was also featured in The Straits Times.
I do almost

anything IT

. Anything else I wanna say is below, in accordion-format.

This page might look messy and chronological. But, tech is changing so fast and things are getting better and newer and faster and cooler, and my job is to update all these to businesses / companies and do my best to implement the best and latest of the current-tech to them. So, please look at the content, rather than the design of this page. Also, for even more latest tech stuff and how your business can benefit from it, like my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/getchacom

Custom Enterprise Software Solution

Updated: 27th Feb 2023 (sticky)
This is my core service at the moment. I develop Custom Enterprise Software Solution for various companies in various industries. If ready-made software which you bought off-the-shelf is not serving your EXACT needs, then custom software solution is the only way to go. Contact me for that.
Or read more at this Proposal Page.

Mobile App Project: AI Jokes

Updated: 1 Mar 2023
What the world need right now is a good laugh. In line with that, I've developed a Mobile App called AI Jokes, which integrates AI tech for telling all of us some good jokes, to make us lighten our burdened hearts. For that temporary respite.
Do try it out. And do give some feedback to make it even better, for the benefit of all of us.

Play Store || App Store || Web Site

Do I hire a freelance programmer or a “proper” company?

Updated: 22nd Feb 2023
Read my take on this HERE.

Money No Enough?

Updated: 18th Feb 2023
This is Why Money will NEVER be Enough.
Read my take on this HERE.

Manis: Halal Food Marketplace

Updated: 5th Feb 2023
A noble project that brings business to home-based food sellers.
Halal and Muslim-Owned Online Food Marketplace!
Manis is a startup mainly for Halal/Muslim-Owned HBB sellers to sell their bakes,and therefore help them increase their sales and customers in singapore are able to buy from them through the app,this is to provide them the platform that they are supposed to receive!

This is a project done for a client and has gone wildly popular!
Play Store || App Store

Chat GPT Developers

Updated: 4th Feb 2023
This seems to be the latest request nowadays. So, yes, I CAN do Artificial Intelligence AI projects , either related to ChatGPT, GPT3 and OpenAI or otherwise. Do whatsapp me with your ideas to find out more.

Getcha Exercise Timer

Updated: 2nd Feb 2023
This is my latest passion project. I've developed my own Exercise Timer mobile app.
Do take it for a spin and see if it helps you, if you are into fitness (we all should be).
Download Getcha Exercise Timer

Tuition Centre Management System

Updated: 22nd Sep 2022
Project completion: With this system, a Tuition Centre can add Assignments, and have Tutors apply for these Assignments. And also have a fast, easy way to view all the Tutor applications and to select the best tutor for the assignment.
Read more

Ranking Swimming Records

Updated: 24th Aug 2022
Project completion: This is a full solution consisting of a front-end and back-end, for swimmers to submit their swimming records, and to see as a Leaderboard.
Read more

Demo Video: Resale Profiling System, Property Industry

Updated: 29th July 2022
This is a demo of a Resale Profiling System used by the Real Estate Property Industry.
This is an example of the type of Systems which I develop.
Watch video here or below.

Why I’m sticking with my freelance work and not looking for a full-time job

Updated: 15th June 2022
The temptation is great. The salary expectation is also increasing, especially in the IT field. The demand is way over the supply, it seems.
But, NO. Why? Read more

My My First DApp on Ethereum

Updated: 18th Feb 2022
Huh, what DApp? Is that a typo? I can almost hear you.
I too didn't know DApp when I started. So, let's chill. Life is a learning journey.
Decentralized applications (dApps) are digital applications or programs that exist and run on a blockchain or peer-to-peer (P2P) network of computers instead of a single computer.
And now, I'm doing a first project on it. Yeah!

What Motivates Me to Code

Updated: 30th Dec 2021
A client asked me this recently. I answered him then. I write about it below.
Read more HERE.

My Meeting Places, as a Freelance Programmer

Updated: 24th Dec 2021
I let a bit on the various issues I faced when deciding on the meeting places with a client, as a freelancer.
Read more here.

Why a one-man freelance web developer is better than a team

Updated: 10th Dec 2021
This discussion came during a meeting with a client, as a freelance web developer. As expected, a client will judge the strength/capability of a web development company by asking the all-famous question: HOW BIG IS YOUR TEAM?
Read more here.

Crypto Trading Management System

Updated: 1st Dec 2021
Client is currently using an Excel file and a highly manual way to disburse the profits from a crypto trading platform to the members he's servicing. He have to do this every week. He wants something that will automate all the steps he mentioned, without his involvement.
And such are the systems that I build. Now, the system I built for him automatically does all his steps, sends him a summary email, and automated emails of consolidated reports to the Members.
Do you have such a custom need? Contact me for that.

Feeling Umbrage?

Updated: 10th May 2021
Are you taking umbrage that your programmer has ran away / became uncontactable / cannot do the small change that you asked for? I receive such calls every week talking about their programmers/developers.
I'm here for the long-run, since 1995. Do run your project idea through me for a fair evaluation.
PS: I had to take my own umbrage shot, sorry.

EDG Grant

Updated: 16th April 2021
For companies looking for grant for development of custom digital solutions for your operational workflow, EDG Grant is the one you should be applying for. This is what my customers apply for too. Just sharing.

Web App or Mobile App

Updated: 11th April 2021
Just sharing an observation: seems like clients are more interested in web apps than mobile apps nowadays. I wonder if the fad of mobile apps are passing. Either ways, I started off as a web developer doing web apps and then moved on to being a mobile app developer doing mobile apps. So, I can do both. In fact, a comprehensive set of system should have both.

Back Again

Updated: 22nd Mar 2021
Was kept busy by work that I had to neglect my lovely site! I'm back here for a jiffy, just to freshen up my site again. What's new? Well, tech is just getting cool and cooler. So much to learn, so much to improve, so much to do for my clients.
So that they can start using cooler-looking and better-functional systems, than the ones that remind them of past millenium (I'm not joking! I'm still seeing such systems-in-operation, used by staff-in-frustration). Sigh.
So, just to re-iterate my personal and professional aim. Cooler-looks, Better-functions. That's the type of systems the world should have.

Act now to digitalise, or Singapore risks losing competitive edge: Chan Chun Sing

Updated: 22nd Sep 2020
Now is the time to re-engineer processes, build a new economy, and transform to create the right opportunities for businesses and people, said Mr Chan, who was speaking at the opening of the Future Economy Conference and Exhibition.
Read Straits Times article here.

App Developer for Startups

Updated: 20th Aug 2020
Singapore government's Startup SG Founder programme is now offering up to $50,000 for your startup ideas. Most of my clients are startups. They hire me to develop their web apps and mobile apps.
If you have a great idea that will be good for Singapore or the world at large, then make use of the Government grant. Make use of my service. Make this world a better place. For you, and for me.
Read Straits Times article here.

My website is messy

Updated: 19th Aug 2020
One caller called me and commented that my website is messy. She insinuated that if I can't get my own website right, how can I get it good for others?
I'm a web developer. It's no big deal to get a "professional" template to make mine "professional" looking as well. I have done it for dozens of my clients. But currently, just focussing on doing work for others and busy enough with that.
Just to address that minor point.

Off-the-shelf Software are not 100% ideal

Updated: 24th June 2020
One top reason for people hiring me is: Ready-made, off-the-shelf software are not 100% ideal. I won't say it's a bad idea, but if your business needs don't fit that ready-made software, then it's just a white elephant in your inventory. If you need a software that really fits your operational flow needs, like a glove, making your business and operations flow become more productive, then custom development of software is the only way to go.
And custom software development is what I do.

Coding is taking over the world

Updated: 22nd June 2020
""If you're a programmer, a UX (user experience) designer or an expert in Python, artificial intelligence and machine learning... or better still, you create robots, you have no shortage of jobs," he said.".
Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation Initiative
Read more HERE

What's Trending 19th June 2020

Updated: 19th June 2020
To convert website to app is the most-requested request. Let me know if you have such a request too.
This means if you already have a website, you do not need to hire an app developer to develop an app from scratch. You can have an app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store for a fraction of the cost.

Custom Inventory Management Software

Updated: 11th June 2020
Not all businesses can use the readymade off-the-shelf Inventory Management Software. For certain special-flow businesses, only a custom inventory management software will help the business. And custom management software is what I do.

Safe Entry QR Code

Updated: 7th June 2020
Getcha Solutions has got its own safeentry QR code now, from the Singapore Government. I'm not a physical establishment, but cool, isn't it?

Start-ups can now apply to $285m fund announced in Fortitude Budget

Updated: 6th June 2020
Most of my clients are start-ups. So, do take note of this. If you have a fantastic idea that will impact the world, especially in these Covid-19 times, now's the time to implement it.
Read more HERE

Medical Dashboard Developer

Updated: 6th June 2020
This is an example of a dashboard done for the medical industry.

Whatsapp Chat for Wordpress

Updated: 18th Dec 2019
Just did this for a client. Can do it for your wordpress site too. Contact Me.

Microsoft Outlook is now a PWA

Updated: 3rd Dec 2019
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is how I help companies/businesses carry out their various management needs. PWAs are powerful in that they can be on the web platform, as well as Android devices, as well as iOS devices. PWA is the future of App Technologies. Contact me to go brong your business down that route.

Even Microsoft Outlook is now a PWA.

Featured in LancerX

Updated: 30th Nov 2019
I was featured in LancerX today! Yeah!
Read more HERE

A Mission Statement

Updated: 28th Nov 2019
“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” That's an objective of mine.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Updated: 20th Nov 2019
Progressive Web Apps is the way to build apps nowadays, whether you are looking at web apps only, mobile apps only or both. And I have experience in that.

High-End Dedicated Server

Updated: 22nd October 2019
Another reason why clients choose me: I use a High-End Dedicated Server, reserved ONLY for my development clients. Compared to shared hosting or VPS, if you read up, you will know that a Dedicated Server is the best option. But most people won't opt for this because it costs hundreds per month. But under my deal with clients, I give it to them at a much lower cost, as a perk of taking development with me.
And the project runs better in such a dedicated server in terms of performance, and that is important for the project, be it a mobile app or a web app.
Of course, a client is also free to take up a server package from any other company as well, if he wishes to.

I saw this somewhere

Updated: 15th October 2019

Likewise, easy apps are damn hard development. If you have recently used an app that was so effortless for you that you hardly noticed that it is even an app, take note that that much extra work was put into it to make it so effortless for you, the user.

Stop Dissing Disruptive Technology

Updated: 7th October 2019
Yet again, I had to listen to someone having bad things to say about new techs. So, it's about time I wrote down what I feel. And this is that.

Free eBook: How to create Web sites and applications with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL

Updated: 5th October 2019
The tech stack which I use to build my web apps and mobile apps are: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.
This month, I'm giving the Getcha Solutions Newsletter members this ebook titled "How to create Web sites and applications with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL". It is 329 pages long. Do consider signing up below to get it and other future tips on tech matters from my 27 years of past experience and future foresight.

Charge me lower or else I’ll hire a foreigner

Updated: 3rd October 2019
Just letting go of some gripes after yet another hint dropped by a prospective client on the above topic. Read more here.

Am I an Entrepreneur?

Updated: 26th September 2019
I used to think myself as an Entrepreneur. But now, I know what I really am. I am actually a Solopreneur! What is a Solopreneur?

Loan Qualifier App

Updated: 16th September 2019
Client currently uses an Excel file to fill in some Fund Parameters to determine which bank(s) are qualified to give the loan for their Customer. Client wants this automated as an app, both web app and mobile app. Using this, Customers will be able to check their loan qualification and which bank is relevant to them, and get this as a report, for a payment (payment gateway included).
Good business model. Doing this project now.

Custom HR Solutions

Updated: 31st Aug 2019
I realise there are companies that feel that the ready-made HR solutions from pre-approved vendors are not good enough for them. This is the case where a custom HR solution is applicable to be developed in a bespoke way.

Carousell Clone App

Updated: 28th Aug 2019
Developing a carousell clone app, based on a client's request. Coming well so far. See this screenshot (deliberately blurred, sorry).

Government Grant for SME

Updated: 22nd Aug 2019
If you are a business or a company in Singapore, our Singapore Government is very supportive by providing various grants, especially if it involves automation and productivity improvements, for example bringing your paper-based workflow to automated workflow. Now, there is a one-stop point of contact if you need help. So, get the solution from me, and the grant from our Government. Read More from Straits Times.

Urgent work for a Media Agency

Updated: 21st Aug 2019
Example of an Urgent Work done. Client is a media agency whose client is a big-name, which I can't mention here. It was after 10pm. Client found me via Google, called me, described the job, and how it had to be done by tomorrow end! It was a full-fledged project and will typically take 2 weeks. Well, it was an urgent call, his previous programmer had played him out. Enter the super-programmer (ahem). My night sleep was sacrificed. Worked through the night, and then the whole next day. Client was so happy. Another satisfying day, another satisfying job done. Just sharing.

New Portfolio Added

Updated: 19th Aug 2019
Another satisfied client: Realität Pte. Ltd. See their testimonial of my service and also what other clients have to say about my work and service HERE.

Startups looking for Developers

Updated: 18th Aug 2019
Are you a startup looking for developers? I have many startups as clients. So, just mentioning this here. They will call me, run their ideas through me. And I will run my inputs through them. They learn something, I learn something. It might or not become a project. But hey, human interactions do matter, especially to a deskbound programmer like me. 😂

Go Green, Go Paperless

Updated: 15th Aug 2019
Many have talked and talked about the environment. And many environment-saving measures are expensive. So, how about saving the environment by going paperless, and also saving money for your business operations? That seems to be the core of most of my projects. Current project is: an Event Attendance system where attendees will come to an event and show their QR code on their phone. Event staff will scan that code with his own phone. And that marks the attendance! No paper, no fuss, and everyone ends up looking cool!

Fintech App Developers

Updated: 13th Aug 2019
If you are looking for fintech app developers, I can do that. Currently doing an app that takes payment with QR code.

Lucky Draw System Software

Updated: 6th Aug 2019
Doing a lucky draw system for Allen & Gledhill. This allows the show host to conduct lucky draw among the event attendees and pick winners among them.

Car Repair Website

Updated: 5th Aug 2019
A proposal for a car repair website. Many pages, screens and features relevant to the professional car repair industry.
See design here: Car Repair Website.

Tuition Agency Management System

Updated: 3rd Aug 2019
Currently, doing a tuition agency management system, where my client can set up tuition assignments, as requested by parents, and to manage the tuition applications submitted by tutors.

Fitness Website Developers

Updated: 18th July 2019
A proposal for a fitness website. It uses Wordpress so that client can regularly update the relevant contents himself..
See design here: Fitness Website.

Coder in Singapore

Updated: 10th July 2019
According to my trackers, it seems like some people overseas are searching for coders in Singapore. I'm one such coder in Singapore, in case you are looking. 😇

Payment Gateway: Existing Website

Updated: 8th July 2019
Just implemented a payment gateway for an existing website.

Jewellery Website Design

Updated: 3rd July 2019
A proposal for a jewellery store.
See design here: jewellery website design.

Digital Banking License Singapore

Updated: 28th June 2019
Digital banking seems to be thing in Singapore now. A client was calling and discussing about it. We talked about digital banking, cryptocurrency, bitcoins, blockchains and such techs. Mmmhhh, more things to learn, for me to implement such systems.
This is today's news in Singapore about it.

Smart Management IT Solutions

Updated: 28th June 2019
A client told me that basically what I'm doing is developing smart management IT solutions and smart management systems. Yes, I agree.

cPanel WHM help

Updated: 27th June 2019
Just helped someone for her cPanel and WHM. If you need cPanel WHM help, do let me know. I can help.

Help set up email account

Updated: 26th June 2019
Hi Anees, Can I check with you if you do email set ups (Microsoft Outlook 2016). I had error message when setting up and cant email out, not sure why. I got your no from your website.
These are also the type of jobs/gigs I do, in case you have such a situation.

Some Life Tips July 2019

Updated: 25th June 2019
Life is Tough. Here are some pointers.Read More


Updated: 23rd June 2019
Blog: Why I don't use Freelancer.com Read More

Alternative Video Hosting other than Youtube

Updated: 22nd June 2019
If you are looking for video hosting without ads or video hosting without youtube or video hosting other than youtube or alternative video hosting other than youtube, I have found a solution for this. Contact Me for me to share with you.

Currency Collectors Auction Site

Updated: 21st June 2019
Currently in discussion: An auction site for currency collectors to come and bid for currencies for their collection.
Also, another one about tuition portal development.

Custom Loan Management System

Updated: 18th June 2019
Completed an online loan management system (cloud-based), to fit client's exact unique needs / custom needs.
Read More

Latest Blog: Why a one-man freelance web developer is better than a team.

Updated: 17th June 2019
Just letting my heart out after a discussion with a client. Read More

Blockchain Technology: Latest Tech

Updated: 14th June 2019
I've been picking up on this new tech. Now, I'm on the way to be a blockchain developer. If you have business ideas/plans/projects along the blockchain industry, do Contact Me. New techs are sooo exciting.

HTML Basics eBook

Updated: 11th June 2019
Are you wondering what the heck is HTML all about? Then get this FREE eBook to know more.
It's FREE, yes!

Latest Project Completed: Wordpress Ecommerce Site

Updated: 10th June 2019
Client: Herbzin
Requirements: to develop a cost-effective full-featured ecommerce website based in wordpress, to sell their flagship products, and the ability add new products themselves from here on.
Herbzin website

Free Wordpress Theme

Updated: 29th May 2019
I'm giving away this free wordpress theme. Contact me with the subject "freewp" to get it.
Preview Theme

Top reasons to hire me:

Updated: 28th May 2019
1: I'm based in Singapore, a local developer to personally discuss with you all-tech-related matters. Not just via email or some messaging system in some freelance portal.
2: I'm a full-time freelancer, not sidelining. That means I can get full hands-on on YOUR project without waiting for the evenings after a day-job.
3) 27 years of experience. That means smooth project execution for you, and no headaches.

Latest Mobile App: Getcha Exercise Timer

Updated: 26th May 2019
Checkout my latest mobile app: Getcha Exercise Timer. It allows user to save their own Workouts and Activities. Android Version.

Bespoke Software Development

Updated: 24th May 2019
Based on the meeting just now, clients still don't believe that someone can actually do a software/app/system based on their EXACT needs/requirements.
Their minds seems to be fixated on a concept that the developer will always take some ready-made solution and "custom-fit" to their needs as best as they can.
I had a hard time convincing them that I do develop bespoke software development, which means yes, I can develop a system, or an app or a site or a software to your EXACT needs of your business or operational workflow.
Client was somehow convinced at the end. Phew!

Full Stack Web Developer

Updated: 21st May 2019
A client asked me to describe my "job description". So I drafted a paragraph to explain in summary:
1) My current job scope is to develop full stack solutions/applications for clients using the following technologies:
HTML5, Javascript, PHP, JQuery, mySQL, external APIs, Javascript Frameworks, Phonegap/Cordova and any other external technology out there to implement the best solution possible for my clients.

2) The final solutions are either/or web applications, mobile applications or desktop applications.

3) Also, I do maintenance for them for the full solution/application, including mySQL database, and also to monitor web server and site technical performance.
If you can't afford to hire a Full Stack Web Developer on a monthly payroll, hiring a freelancer like me is the better decision. You pay only for the project.

Help in Setting up Email Accounts

Updated: 30th April 2019
Examples of request I receive:
I will need you to quote me the price for setting up 5 email addresses. Thank you.
This is the type of works I do. If you have similar needs, do contact me.

Singapore companies must take innovation and technology seriously, says Heng Swee Keat

Updated: 19th April 2019
SINGAPORE: Singapore companies must respond quickly to the changing business environment while also taking innovation and technology seriously, said Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat on Wednesday (Apr 17).
Read More
Let Getcha Solutions help you implement the latest and cool technologies in your business workflow and business operations.

Web App Request Examples

Updated: 16th April 2019
Examples of requests I receive:
Example 1 ====================
I need a web app developer for UI to create a web app to digitalize our application form online and save the data in the cloud system. The hiring process will also be online.
So there will be 4 layers of hierarchy user
1. Applicant to input the data,
2. Outlet manager to access the applicant data and give recommendation,
3. HR to get the data, extract the data, filter the data for data analysis, forward the data to level 3 hierarchy,
4. General manager, finance manager and business development manager are the only user that can reject and accept the applicant.
Example 2 ====================
We are looking to create a management reporting tool i.e excel sheet data containing our financial budget and creating a management reporting tool.
This is the type of works I do. If you have similar needs, do contact me.
WhatsApp: 65-91097721 (Singapore)

Getcha Super App Demo

Updated: 31st March 2019
Download Getcha Super App and see for yourself the possibilities you can have for YOUR OWN mobile app. Some possibilities include:
a) staff management system
b) inventory management system
c) app payment system
d) Multiple sign up options: 1) email, 2) mobile number, 3) Facebook
Not just this, ANY features can be implemented. As long as there's logic to it, it can be done. Download this demo app to see them in action.
Download options: Android Play Store || Direct APK Download

Custom Management System

Updated: 21st Mar 2019
Just met a client (sports industry) who needs a custom system for their suppliers worldwide to order the custom t-shirts from their company. And it's not some simple order form. There are just too many considerations and logic and order procedure to be taken note of, from Step 1 to Step X.
This is a case where off-the-shelf management products won't help, and only a custom management system developer (like myself) can do the job. Just saying.

App Development Misconception

Updated: 4th Feb 2019
Many people think that developing mobile apps is as easy and smooth and fast as using one. They are far from right. In fact, the more easier it is to use an app, the more hard/smart work the developers had to put into it.

Digitalisation Singapore

Updated: 3rd Feb 2019
Singapore is going digital on a mass level. Businesses are going digital. Contact me to join in as well.

The fight against hackers is an ever-going one.

Updated: 2nd Dec 2018
Marriott's Starwood database hacked, 500 million guests may be affected

Dashboard Developer

Updated: 6th Nov 2018
That is what a client called me. Nice label: Dashboard Developer Singapore. So, I'm writing it here (for SEO purpose of course, haha)

Website Promotion

Updated: 30th Oct 2018
Full website for $500
Will look like this:
Promotion valid for: 30-10-18 to 03-11-18

Enterprise Development Grant

Updated: 19th Oct 2018
This is a new grant that is going to be available from 25th oct 2018 onwards. My service will fall under the Innovation and Productivity section. Now, you can have your custom automation and productivity system to improve your business, and be compensated for that as well. Contact me for a win-win situation for all.

My Development Procedure:

Updated: 18th Oct 2018
I have a super-systematic procedure to carry out even your MAJOR projects. Call me now to have your queries answered.

My Main Service

Updated: 17th Oct 2018
When people ask me what do i do for a living, I tell them I develop Management Systems like this.

What is HTTPS

Updated: 16th Oct 2018
What is HTTPS and why you should care? :: Contact Me to know how I can help you move to HTTPS.

Convert website to mobile app

Updated: 15th Oct 2018
If you already have a website, I can "convert" that to a mobile app. Contact Me to explore this cool option.

Case Study 1: How a First Aid Training Centre's operations went online, from paper, to the clouds.
Case Study 2: How a Pest Control Multi-Vendor Management Company brought their operations online, to the clouds.
Case Study 3: How a company integrated a Multi Level Compensation System into a Membership portal.
Case Study 4: How a finance company conduct survey/questionnaire using an app.
Latest in Blog:
Freelancer.com :Why I don't use Freelancer.com
Freelancer or Employee : Read this before you hire a web developer or a programmer.
Call me "bro" : I'm your friendly, neighbourhood brogrammer
Blogging for Business: Is blogging just for fun or is it a serious business strategy?
Web Developer Salary: Hire full-time employee or get a one-off freelancer? You decide.
System Maintenance: My take on it.

My Skills

Angular 8

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AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Android Apps Development

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Web Site Programming

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Internet-of-Things (IoT)

My Labels

Full Stack Web Developer

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PHP Programmer Singapore

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Anees Khan

Web Developer, App Developer, Programmer
Getcha Solutions, Singapore

27 Years Experience
Web Developer and Programmer since 1995!

A real, local programmer behind all your web site and mobile apps development and programming needs and solutions.

Call Contact FB Page

I was featured in The Straits Times

Straits Times Link

I was also featured in LancerX

LancerX Link

How do I Develop your Cloud-Based Management Software, your Web Apps and Mobile Apps

Over many years, I have developed a core product called Getcha Smart Management System [GSMS]. I use this GSMS as the core with which I develop all the various types of Cloud-Based Management Software, Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Management Software as required by clients in various industries. And GSMS is not a static product but something that keeps growing stronger and better over time.

Who Contacts a Software Developer like Myself

Typically, the people who contact me are:

  • Schools and Education Industry
  • Startup companies with ideas to implement.
  • Business owners who wants to bring their paper operations (or Excel-file operations) to cloud/online.
  • Clients who wants to be part of the fast-changing technology world, and not be left behind.
  • Clients who have various types of programming and IT issues, even with their existing systems.

Why Consider the Services of a Freelance Web Developer Singapore and Mobile App Developer Singapore

No Fats In The Middle
I’m the consultant, I’m the programmer. You don’t get a sweet-talking sales or marketing executive to over-promise and under-deliver. You can talk straight to me. If it CAN be done, I’ll say so, and it WILL be done. No hiding behind words.

Singapore is moving towards being a Smart Nation
A nation doesn’t become Smart just like that. It gets Smart because of the initiatives of the companies in the nation. Over the many years, I’ve played my part in making many companies do just that. To improve their workflow, however unique it may be, so that they can continue their business “smarter”, in a more productive and cost-efficient way. This is not just for big companies. It’s for anyone, right down to the solo entrepreneur.

Fast communication and fast execution
Either during initial development or subsequent changes, you don’t talk to a sales or support representative. You talk to me directly. The more you talk, the more I’ll suggest better ideas. Not fancy ideas, but technically-possible ideas. And immediately too. Not: “I’ll get back after discussing with the programmer”. This is applicable for initial development and also subsequent follow-up requests.

Ground-Up Development
This is a common complaint by clients who have been burnt by other developers, who try to use ready-made systems to cater for your unique business requirements. It will eventually be faced with limitations and unsolvable bugs. My development is ground up/ custom/bespoke, so any exact, unique business requirements can be met to a tee.

This is what I do, everyday
My daily work is managing clients like yourself, both new and existing. With their new ideas or enhancements to existing projects. You can call or email me with readily-available contact details (see page-top) and run any ideas or anything you have, in your head, through me and get a positive, fast response with good suggestions to move forward.

Cost effective for you
I work from home. The cost I quote to you will be lower than what you’ll typically get. Try asking me.

27 Years of Experience
I've been there. I've done that. Every passing year didn't pass without me becoming stronger in what I do, which results in less headaches and shocks to you during development time. I'm actually a dinosaur in tech-years. I was there during the dot-com booms times (90s), putting companies onto dotcom websites, and now I'm still here telling people about the new type of app development, like progressive web apps, and such. Technology was magic, and it is still so, and will remain so. That's why I'm still in it.

I Know your Business Problems

Your current business software is a) tying you down, b) has a lot of restrictions, c) has licensing restrictions, d) has per-user-based licensing, e) has too many features which you don't use, f) doesn't have the exact feature that will help you and your business, g) has a large learning curve, h) is not exactly improving your business!

Then, your current business software NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!

What you need is this:

  • Web Developer / Mobile App Developer / Software Developer who develops ANY custom system to fit your business operational needs. No licensing restrictions, user restrictions or any such conditions.
  • Don't settle for a ready-made software or system. Have it custom-developed. Why? Because it fits your exact needs (instead of being an overkill). And also there won't be a case of having so many features but not one particular feature that you need. Custom development gives you exactly what you want, no more no less.
  • Also, you're not stuck with restrictive conditions like pay-per-license or pay-per-user. Further, there's almost no learning curve and no staff training needed. This developer can develop web apps or mobile apps (Android / iOS / Windows) so that you can get down to doing your management work immediately.
  • Singapore is going towards the Smart Nation concept. Don't be left out. Are you still running your business operations the same old-fashioned way? Everything is "Smart" nowadays. It's time to make your work-flow Smart as well.
  • And don't forget: there are various grants here in Singapore that helps companies when they want to have such automation software and systems developed.

Your Management Software can look Like This!

Case Study

How I brought a First Aid Training Centre's operations online.

View Case Study

Examples of Systems and My Services.

Wordpress Package Getcha CRM Software Web Application Developer CRM Developer Freelance PHP Developer Singapore Convert Your HTTP site to HTTPS Online Taxi Booking Website GDPR Compliance Custom CRM Developer Medical Management System Contest Entry Submission System • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) • Attendance Tracking App Smart Management System Online Annual Reports • Fintech Apps • Download Online Videos • Disruptive Technology • Wedding Website Cleaning Services [Web + App System] • Custom Digital Signage • Crowd Funding Platform/Application • Management Dashboards • Customer Relationship Management • Custom CRM Systems • Education Portals Online Training Apps / Portals • Mobile Apps (Android) • Mobile Apps (iOS) • Mobile Apps (Windows) • Wordpress Installation Service Client Management Software • Human Resource (HR) / Payroll Systems • Document Management and Mobile Access System • Feedback Tracking and Management System • Corporate Web Sites • Events / Congress Registration System • Production Run Software • Support and Maintenance of Systems • Condominium Facilities Booking System •

Full List of Service

Some of My Clients and What They Say

Realität Pte. Ltd.

Realität Pte. Ltd.

We are a team of passionate and inspired individuals with the goal of developing and innovating a variety of creative content through Integrated IT and Digital Media Solutions.

" We have found Anees to have been reliable in terms of proposing alternative ideas when the initial ones are not feasible."

During this time, we have found Anees to have been reliable in terms of proposing alternative ideas when the initial ones are not feasible. Anees has also been very responsive online, making it easier to get through to him via WhatsApp and/ or email. We are glad that Anees managed to address the concerns we have had throughout the whole course, as well as laid out satisfactory foundation works for our website.

- Danish M.
Business Development, Senior Manager
Enviromax Singapore

Enviromax Singapore

Enviromax manages many Pest Treatment vendors. Their system allows these Vendors to manage their Customers, Technicians and Work Orders. And the Technicians get their mobile app with which they do their on-site work. All systems are developed by Getcha Solutions.

"We are pleased and happy to recommend Khan's services"

He displays great knowledge and provide work-around solution to our request. His pro-activeness and forward-thinking have helped us along the phases of the software implementation. After-service support was prompt and responsive.

- Elric Tan
Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd)

Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd)

Stop paying in currencies which fluctuate up and down, giving you a disadvantage. Transact in Gold. Retain your Advantage!

"Organized, Efficient and Effective Web Developer"

Anees has helped develop my website from scratch for 3 months. He was able to meet my budget and website functional requirements. Anees has proven to be a very professional web developer

- Woo Tsung Liang
Managing Director, Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd)
Knowledge Playground Pte Ltd

Knowledge Playground Pte Ltd

Imagine a playground where students from all over the world gather to play and learn with each other. There’s something for everyone. You can learn individually or as a group, with familiar friends or with new friends from other parts of the world.

"Proven to be a very professional web developer"

Reliable partner in business

- Jason Ong (Ed.D)
Founder and CEO, Knowledge Playground Pte Ltd
Singapore First Aid Training Centre Pte Ltd

Singapore First Aid Training Centre Pte Ltd

A training/attendance portal for a First Aid Centre. This App allows the client to conduct their practical first aid training in a paperless efficient way. It comes with automatic grading, attendance-taking with actual signatures, PDF results and attendance report generations.

"Quick to understand needs"

... He was quick to understand our needs and proposed options so that we could decide on the best option for us based on ...

- Priya Subramanian
Chief Operations Officer, Singapore First Aid Training Centre Pte Ltd
Singapore First Aid Training Centre Pte Ltd

VIP Hotel (Singapore)

The VIP Hotel is a luxurious haven, nicely furnished to provide you with the most comfortable stay. Every guest in our hotel is a VIP. Situated in a quiet upper class residential area just on the outskirt of the city (Orchard Road), VIP Hotel is tranquility of a quiet neighborhood plus the convenience of city life.

"Happy with the Arrangement"

As an IT illiterate at 69, in November 2009, I stumbled onto an email, subject: CMS. Out of curiosity, I telephoned 91097721 ...

- KS Tan
Manager, VIP Hotel (Singapore)