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Syfe Promo Code

Syfe Promo Code
Updated: 9th Dec 2021

Referral Code: SRPTAN7ZV

Update (9 Dec 2021): There is a new Referral Programme from 4 Dec 2021 onward. Promotion is still ongoing.

I am willing to give up to 75% of my part of referral reward (which is up to $75) to you, in cashback! This is on top of the Syfe's welcome gift.


From Syfe, you'll receive 6-month free management (for the first $30k).

From me, you'll receive the following cashback when you deposit the following initial funds to any Syfe portfolio (except Syfe Cash+).

  • More than $2k deposited: $12 cashback
  • More than $5k deposited: $35 cashback
  • More than $10k deposited: $75 cashback
  • For Syfe Cash+, there is only a maximum referral reward of $10 (with more than $1,000 initial deposit), so I could only offer $6 cashback

You may contact me via Telegram (@khanner74) your mobile number for paynow once your registration is completed and deposited with funds.


Feel free to drop me a text for any inquiry. Thank you in advance for using my referral code!! Also, let me know if there are better offers than what I am proposing, and I will be willing to match!


Precaution when opening and funding a Syfe account:

  • Do not use Syfe's own promo code of e.g. "Syfewaiver" because only one referral/promo code is allowed and in this case, Syfe will choose the apply its own code instead. I will not be able to offer you cashback since I do not get any referral reward :-(
  • Be cautious if you intend to set up a portfolio of Cash+ alongside other Syfe portfolios on the same/different days. You may also check with me on your deposit strategy via Tele, for the most cashback you may receive from me.
  • Please contact me within a week from having deposited funds to your newly-opened Syfe account so to receive your cashback from me.

Other notes:

Typically people will share their referral code so that they can get some commission.
I'll do even better. I'll give you 75% of what I get, back to you!
For now, it's only for Syfe.

By the way, I've researched and started investing with Syfe. It's quite simple.
I'm not an investing pro. I signed up, invested $10,000 into their Core Equity100.

And the money's growing so far. Simple and hands free.

Using my referral code SRPTAN7ZV will get you the free gift from Syfe itself.
A and also a 75% give-you-back of what I will receive as commission!

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