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Production Run Software

This custom-built Production Run Software will allow you to run factory and manufacturing processes, as well as manage and monitor them easily and efficiently.

List of Features

  • Here is the List of Features that come with this Software.
  • Note that this is a custom-developed software and can be customised/modified and have features added-on to suit your unique business needs.

Login-Based System

The system is Login-Based System to ensure maximum security to the users of the system. Only designated users are allowed into the system.

One-Screen Monitor-View

This One-Screen Monitor-View allows the Supervisor/Admin to view the Production Runs at a glance. Typically, it will rotate among the various runs so as to allow various run-views at a glance. Ideal for letting it run on a monitor screen for the Supervisor's constant purview.

Manage Users

You can manage the existing Users. You can search by typing a partial name (Google-style) and it'll show ALL that matches. You can edit each User's particulars. You can Live and Un-Live 1-or-more users, in a one-click immediate way. You can Delete users. And you can re-order Users to be in the order that you want. Don't worry, usage help is readily available all the time

Add New Users

You can Users to the system, as Supervisors or Staff. Don't worry, there's no limit or cost to how many Users you can add to the system. And, if you're using a mobile device (tablet or phone), you can even snap a picture of the User on the spot, as you add him to the System. This picture then becomes his Profile Image automatically!

Manage Your Products

The system allows easy management of your Products. You can search for them by partial-names. You can edit their particulars. You can Live or Unlive them. You can Delete them and even change their order of listing.

Add New Products

You are able to Add New Products for your Production Run. Product Codes are supported. Various selectable options are supported. You can also select the Staff/QC in charge of the production run as well.

Add New Products - 2

Various attributes can be set when you add a New Product. These attributes will be used during the QC processes.

Manage Production Runs

You can manage your Production Runs in a quick neat interface. At a glance, you can see which processes are running, and their Info. The drill-down buttons beside each Run allows you further control into each Runs management.

Start New Production Run

You are able to start a new Production Run. Product Codes are supported. You can select the bag-types of Production.

Start New Production Run - 2

During starting of a new Production Run, you can set various settings like Bag Stamped, Boxes Available and such. You can also set the QC-in-Charge

Manage your Own Profile

The user can manage his own profile to set his own photo, change his login username, password and such.

Multi-Device Compatibiilty

Worried about portability of the system? Don't be. You can choose to use you PC or your Mac, or iPhone or iPad or Android phones or tablets or any laptops and the system will auto-adjust to give you the best view for your device. It's called Responsive Design, and rest assured, it's part of this System.

Cloud Accessibility

What's Cloud Accessibility? No longer are you tied down to the PC at the office or your trusty laptop alone. With Cloud Accessibility built-in, this means you can log into the system, from ANY device, anywhere in the world, even from a borrowed device, and be able to log in and do your management. No more hard disk crash or PC crash horrors, bringing the system down with them!

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  • The above software is not a pre-built, ready-made software. It was custom-developed to exact specifications. If your exact requirements are different, I can modify it or even build a new one from scratch to satisfy your exact requirements.
  • I will give a listening ear to advise you how to move forward with your business idea and technological implementation and if it's possible to get a Government grant for your idea.
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