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What is this Case Study About?

In this page, I explain how I developed a multi-vendor system so that my client now manages many pest control companies as Vendor accounts under his control, so that each of the Vendor have their own login access and a full suite of management controls for their pest control management activities and operations, from managing Technicians to managing Work Orders. Even auto-generation of routine Work Order is also automatically done by the system. This is a good example of using automation and latest technology for operational effectiveness and efficiency. With this, I hope to shed some light on how YOUR business too can go the same path and bring itself to the next level, technologically.

Note that client confientiality is maintained in the description and images.

Project Objectives and Features

My client wanted to achieve these following objectives and have these following features and requirements. All the mentioned features were successfully implemented. Details and screenshots are provided below.

Separate Logins

Separate logins for Admin and Vendors. They will see their respective management sections.

Manage Vendor Accounts

Admin is able to add-new Vendor Accounts, and to manager the existing accounts. Management includes updating their various particulars and attributes, and even suspending them if necessary.

Pseudo-Login Functions

Admin can log in just like one of the Vendors, and be able to do whatever the Vendor is able to do. This is called Pseudo-Login.

Easy Editing of Vendor Accounts

Quick and easy editing of Vendor Accounts

Bulk Functions

Admin is able to carry out multiple-account function to Live/Unlive Vendors, Delete them or to download their details as PDF or Excel files.

Management of Technicians

Vendor is able to add-new and manage Technicians with many types of controls and views.

Management of Customers

Vendor is able to add-new and manage Customers with many types of controls and views. There's even an alert system to alert Vendor of Customers whose Routine Work Orders are expiring.

Management of Work Orders

Vendor is able to add-new and manage Work Orders for their Customers.

View Technicians' Schedules

A quick, overall view of the Technicians' Schedules by Technicians and Dates

Technician Mobile App

Technicians get their own Mobile App. They used that for their on-site work. They click a button to Start Work, End Work, and they use the app to take on-site pictures and also get customer review on-the-spot. They even use the app to get the customer's signature of job completion. All data are automatically and instantaneously updated to central database, to be manage by Vendor using their own systems.

Technician Mobile App2

More views of the Technician's Mobile App

Testimonial from Client

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The above system is what I built, ground-up, for a Pest Control Multi-Vendor Management Company. It was developed to their EXACT, UNIQUE needs, after discussion of their requirements and operational workflow.
Do you want to bring your business and operational workflow to the next technological level as well?
Don't be left out. Everybody is trying to do things the cool, high-tech, efficient, cost-cutting, manpower-cutting way. And THIS is the way!
I will also give a listening ear to advise you how to move forward with your business idea and technological implementation and if it's possible to get a Government grant for your idea.
My contact details: Mobile: 91097721 (Khan) (Singapore-065), Email: khan@getcha.com

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