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What is Getcha Membership About?

Being in this IT line for 23 years, since 1995, by second nature, my life is constantly crossed by all these wonderful and useful things (also called Tips and Tricks) of the Technological and IT world. And, on the other side, I constantly see the "normal, layman" people who doesn't know bite from byte. In other words, the technically-challenged people, who remain in constant awe and fear of the ever-changing technological world (where the good old times are no longer 10 or 20 years ago, but just last year. Things are moving and changing that fast!)

So, this Getcha Membership is an attempt to bridge this gap. To share what's naturally coming through my "technological" life with all you people, so that I do some part for society.

My favourite are the occasional technical-hacks which I either figure out myself or heard/read from my sources, and can be applied to our personal life or business workflow, and make our lives that much easier and cooler.

Also, through some backdoor connection, I also get some free stuff here and there. I will share that with my members too.

And lastly, no payment needed. Getcha Membership is free.

If all these are great enough reasons to join, thank you, the form is below.

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