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What is this Proposal About?

  • We all know that the Singapore Government is pushing companies to improve their productivity and automation. Basically, they want businesses to improve their current workflow so that things are done faster, better and cheaper, thus leading to better productivity and cost-savings in long run.

  • In that respect, I have been helping many companies do exactly that. I have brought many companies, from a paper-pen workflow, to a multiple-device workflow, with multiple-roles. For example: I have created a centralised system for a pesticide company where the on-site technician will do his job, take some pictures, get client signature, and move on to the next job. In the office, at the same time, the admin staff can do his role of adding in new jobs and managing new jobs for the technician, using his own device. Everything is real-time and centralized-sync. This is automation, optimisation and productivity, all-in-one.

  • Currently, I’m looking to the medical industry and wish to do a system which will be VERY relevant to your exact CURRENT needs. I know you might already have a current workflow, and maybe already an existing system of management, for your patient management, medicine inventory and so on. But my aim is to do a system which is in line with the latest technology of the times, and a super-optimised system, so that your workflow is even better.

  • Since I’m entering this new medical industry, I’m willing to do this at a cost much lower than usual. So this is a win-win deal for both of us.

  • If you feel this is a good deal, please contact me by any of the following means. Before that, do take some time to know about me, my services and my work, at getcha.com. This is a Singapore company and I’m a Singaporean.

  • Contact information:

    1. Name: Anees Khan

    2. Email: khan@getcha.com

    3. Mobile: 91097721

  • Looking forward to hear from you.

With this system, you can have a one-stop system to manage your patients' appointments and many other medical management requirements as unique as you may have.and have them consolidated into a centralised Control Panel, for you to do your management.

Contact Me for a No-Obligations, Care-free, Consultation

The above system is not a pre-built, ready-made software. It is an idea of a typical workflow. It can be further custom-developed to your exact specifications.
Don't be left out. Everybody is trying to do things the cool, hight-tech, efficient, cost-cutting, manpower-cutting way. And THIS is the way!
I will also give a listening ear to advise you how to move forward with your business idea and technological implementation and if it's possible to get a Government grant for your idea.
My contact details: Mobile: 91097721 (Khan) (Singapore-065), Email: khan@getcha.com

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