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My Review of Esen Interior Boutique Pte. Ltd.

Brief Review

Be careful of this company Esen Interior Boutique Pte. Ltd. They spoilt all our pleasant dreams of moving in to our new house smoothly.

Project started July 2021. I made first payment in July 2021. Supposed to finish by end-Oct 2021.
Now it is 11th Jan 2022 (7 months later). The works have been delayed and each time we ask they give empty promises, then will do one or 2 thing and then no works will go on until we push again. The reasons they gave are ambiguous. They left many jobs hanging and not complete, even after taking 7 months.

Now, I have to fork out extra money to pay others to finish these jobs.
Eg: just do scraping on the floor. Any layman can find someone in carousell and get the job done by tomorrow. But this guys call themselves renovation firm, and cannot get someone to do this, for weeks already. This is just a small sample. I’ll write more on what else they left hanging in my house in my extensive review.

This company management showed his pleasant side to us in the initial stages, and his true colours only at the later stages, AFTER we have made the significant payments- like carpentry!
He makes legal threats at us even if we ask simple questions, so that we don’t disturb him.
He might not even be the real owner of the company, and I don’t know what other shady things are behind this company.

I’m writing a more extensive review about the company Esen Interior Boutique Pte. Ltd., with evidence and records. But in the meantime, I’m writing this brief to prevent ANY next victim to this company.
If you STILL fall into this company, God help you.

If you need to verify the authenticity of this review, you can call or whatsapp me @ 91097721, no problem.
If you are one of the house owners who experienced the same issue as me with this company, contact me so that we can discuss on how to resolve this matter together.