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Your ERP System will look like this!

Demo Videos of Custom ERP Systems

A short 1.5 mins video

A longer 7 mins demo video

A 21 mins demo video

A 41 mins demo video

What are the Current Problems of ERP Systems?

The management software you are using is looking like from the 90s, when Windows 3.1 came out.

It has a thousand features, but your business needs only 10. It's an overkill.

System doesn't belong to you. It's a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) where you are just one of the user.

For every staff/user you want to add-in, you have to pay accordingly, on a per-user licensing basis.

It is tying you down and has a lot of restrictions, including licensing restrictions

It doesn't have the exact feature that will help you and your business, so you end up having to adjust yourself to the software.

Has a large learning curve

Current software is not exactly improving your business!

I hired someone from Country X. No one from that company is contactable now.

My programmer has run away/uncontactable/giving the attitude.

Trust me, all the above problems are not my imagination, but as told to me by other clients.

Proposed Solution

We can develop a custom Software that is best-suited for your custom business needs. No more, no less.

This means you can login and see a cool but simple management system which doesn't confuse you, and you can start your management works already. None of my clients ever needed any training.

The system looks cool and in line with modern tech looks.

The functionalities are fast and efficient and does exactly what you want, as per our discussion.

When I build the custom system for you, I use the latest tech from my latest research, so you are not shortchanged in any way.

I've been doing such work for decades. It's my passion. Your project and business and system will NOT be abandoned. I'm mentioning this specifically because many clients seem to have this as a main worry.

Details and Features of this ERP Solution

The features of this Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software system is described below, with details and screenshots below.

Dashboard: Dark Theme

You can see all the necessary data at one glance.

Dashboard: Light Theme

You can see all the necessary data at one glance.

Cool Notifications

Just like Facebook and WhatsApp, when there's something you have to know, you'll receive notifications.

Widgets Set 1

The many cool possible ways to display relevant data.

Widgets Set 2

More cool possible ways to display relevant data.

Cool Prompts

These cool Prompts pop-out as necessary to inform you of some things or to ask you some things.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

You can even run Sales with this system

Tables Booking

Bookings management for tables or facilities or anything at all


Cool Charts for efficient display and study of data

Gallery 1

Cool ways to display relevant image-sets.

Gallery 2

More cool ways to display relevant image-sets.


Where normal people sign up to become Members

Any Other Custom Features

I'm the programmer and developer of this app. I can add-on ANY other custom features as required by your business workflow.

Who are Hiring Us for this Solution

Many companies and businesses seem to be having systems that are archaic. In my professional journey, I have "migrated" many of such companies to the latest tech way of doing things. Some of them didn't even have any type of system before. They were using Excel files to organise and manage various components of the business.

And now, many of these companies are using cool-looking management software which is not just cool-looking but developed fully-optimal to their EXACT needs, as discussed with them. So, it fits them like a glove, not a one-size fits all.

Many other companies that hire me are start-up companies. They find my experience the perfect fit for developing their web and mobile apps, exactly to their needs and requirements.

I can name some of my clients (refer Portfolio). I can't name many of them because in current situation, many small, mediium and even big companies are outsourcing many IT development projects. And I'm one such developer they outsource to, and I'm not allowed to reveal their details.

I wish to do the same improvement I did for all these companies for your company and business as well. I have a systematic development procedure to carry it forward from Step 1, to going Live, to regular Maintenance, without any headache to any party, throughout the whole journey. You can trust me to do my job perfectly. I've been doing this since the 90s!

Examples of ERP Systems I have Developed

Examples of managements I have done in my multi-decade development journey (warning: long list ahead):

  • Inventory Management System (for factories or shops or any business)
  • Loan Management System
  • Survey Questionnaire System
  • Multi Level Marketing System
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace Software
  • Online Training Apps / Portals
  • Medical Management System
  • Contest Entry Submission System
  • Attendance Tracking App
  • Fintech Systems
  • Cleaning Services [Web + App System]
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Education Centre Management System
  • Client Management Software
  • Feedback Tracking and Management System
  • Events / Congress Registration System
  • Production Run Software
  • Condominium Facilities Booking System
  • Spa Reservation System
  • Order Tracking and Processing / Invoicing System
  • Security Deployment System
  • Hotel Rooms Reservation System
  • Clinic / Patient / Medicine Management System
  • Appointment Scheduling and Booking System
  • As long as I'm told the logic, I can build it!

Latest Updates

Updated 19/02/23

Newest coolest design now available.

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I will also give a listening ear to advise you how to move forward with your business idea and technological implementation and if it's possible to get a Government grant for your idea.
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