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What is this Proposal About?

Over the past many years, many companies and businesses have approached me to develop CRM systems for their unique special needs. Usually, what's proposed to them by other vendors are ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions. There are many limitations to getting a solution this ready-made way, and the only way around this is to get a developer to develop a bespoke CRM system, a bespoke crm software / custom crm system.

What I Will Do For You

I have seen many types of very dynamic, very unique and very complex CRM System requirements. That's the reason they look for a custom CRM developer like myself.

What I will do is: I will sit down with you, as you go through your whole operational flow with me. Then, once I get my understanding of your flow up to a 100%, I will then proceed to do my "thing" and come up with a software solution to do whatever you've been doing, but now you'll be doing it with 1) lesser time, 2) lesser manpower, 3) using any-device, and anywhere, even borrowed device, 4) cool-looking interface to show off to your customers or competitors.

Rest assured, you won't be getting a re-hased system which was used 10 years ago. For every project, I bring my research ideas (which is always an on-going process for me) and ensure that you get the best and latest and coolest of what's out there.

Quite a number of industries have gone the journey with me (first aid training company, shipping company, and a few others, whose industries you and I might not even understand). So, I have the experience and know-how.

So, if custom CRM management system is what you're looking for, do contact me.

Contact Me for a No-Obligations, Care-free, Consultation

Custom CRM application is the life-blood of many organisations
Don't be left out. Everybody is trying to do things the cool, high-tech, efficient, cost-cutting, manpower-cutting way. And THIS is the way!
I will also give a listening ear to advise you how to move forward with your business idea and technological implementation and if it's possible to get a Government grant for your idea.
My contact details: Mobile: 91097721 (Khan) (Singapore-065), Email: khan@getcha.com

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