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What is this Proposal About?

With this system, you can have your participants submit their entry by a web site, sms or whatsapp (or any other app) and have them consolidated into a centralised Control Panel, for you to do your management.

Workflow of the Whole System

  1. You will have a front-end website to give the public more details about your Contest/Survey.
  2. Example of such details: the Objective of the Contest/Survey. And, any other details that you want to be include.
  3. You might do this front-end website yourself, with your own team or have me do this.
  4. Irrespective of that, there can be a section in this website for people to submit their Contest/Survey entries.
  5. They will fill in details like: Name, Contact no, Email address and also be able to submit an image (in case the contest calls for it)
  6. If payment is required, that can be catered for too.
  7. Participant will get an immediate auto-email with details of the submission and also any other details that's required for him to know.
  8. That is the end-of-flow for your Contest/Survey submission.
  9. So, what typically happens in the back-end is that all these info/data are captured in the system database, for further use according to business needs.
  1. Beside website, Contest/Survey can be submitted by sms, whatsapp or any other app.
  2. These submissions can be diverted to the Admin Panel system for Admin's consolidated view and management.
  1. Between the launch of the website and the Contest closing date, the organiser will need to give regular updates to the Registrants.
  2. With our feature-rich Admin Control Panel (ACP), you will be able to do just that, to all those who have submitted, with just a click.
  3. So, no Participant is clueless about your latest updates.
  1. Dashboard overall view of key figures and notes.
  2. This is the main control panel for Admin (which in this case is the Contest/Survey organiser) to oversee ALL the data/info/details regarding this Contest/Survey.
  3. View All Registrants: Admin can view all the Participants as a brief-overall, as well as detailed drilled-in view.
  4. Cancellation: facility to do a cancellation of a Participant if required.
  5. Edit of details: facility to edit the details of the Participant
  6. Reports, for example:
    1. Full list of Participants
    2. able to download as PDF or Excel
    3. Other unique reports as required by Management
  1. Admin/Mgmt can decide what to do with all the submissions.
  2. In case of a Contest, we can have the system decide the ultimate winner and the runners-up.
  3. In case of any other unique requirements, any such special requirements can be catered/programmed for.
  1. Registrant can access the website using ANY device of his choice, be it PC, Mac or any Modile Devices. ALL site and system are mobile-responsive-designed, meaning they fit respectively into the device of access.
  2. Mobile notifications: you know that your apps sometimes give you notifications on your phone (maybe about someone raiding your village, or your google album is ready for viewing, or even an incoming Whatsapp message). All these are called notifications. We can also implement such notifications to inform Registrants of the upcoming event, or if there are any important updates to notify.
  3. Various payment options:
    1. pre-payment by Credit Card/Paypal
    2. post-payment by Payment on Event Date
  4. Whatever that is on the Proposal page are just my ideas. Almost anything else that you can think of can be implemented.

I put below the communication that happened between my client and me so that you can see if the similarities fit your need:

Client Email:
hi khan

we spoke. i am looking to do a admin panel for whatsapp entries.
ie. ppl whatsapp in their entries and photos. these details goes into a back end .
understand that there is no linkage bet whatsapp and a back end. understand that it will have to be a manual system of copying and pasting onto the backend panel.
i am looking at the following entries :

1. name
2. contact no
3. email address
4. photo of receipt

pls advise the cost and how u can help us to make this easier

for 1 month use for entries.

My Reply Email:
1) Let me re-describe the job details, as follows:

- People will whatsapp their entries to your number: 9xxxxxxx

- The message will consist of:
1. name
2. contact no
3. email address
4. photo of receipt

- Periodically, maybe every hour, the Admin (which is yourself or your staff) will check the latest whatsapp entries by checking whatsapp app, and “transfer” the entries, one by one, from whatsapp to the Control Panel.

- Control Panel: this is a system where Admin will log in to access. He will have a section called Entries.

- Clicking Entries, he will see the full list of the entries. At the bottom, there is a button [Download], on clicking, he will be able to download all entries as an Excel csv file.

- He also see a button on top called [Add New Entry]. On clicking that, he will see a page with fields to enter for
1. name
2. contact no
3. email address
And a field to upload an image

- He will then enter a whatsapp entry this way to complete ONE entry. The procedure is the same for subsequent entries. I will advise you on how you can use whatsapp on your PC to do this better.

- This whole administration is assumed to be done on a PC, and not phone.

Contact Me for a No-Obligations, Care-free, Consultation

The above system is not a pre-built, ready-made software. It is an idea of a typical workflow. It can be further custom-developed to your exact specifications.
Don't be left out. Everybody is trying to do things the cool, hight-tech, efficient, cost-cutting, manpower-cutting way. And THIS is the way!
I will also give a listening ear to advise you how to move forward with your business idea and technological implementation and if it's possible to get a Government grant for your idea.
My contact details: Mobile: 91097721 (Khan) (Singapore-065), Email: khan@getcha.com

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