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Cleaning Services [Web + App System]

This custom-built Cleaning-Services Website and App System will let you run your cleaning services in a lean, mean and cool way.

What is this Proposal About?

I will develop for you a custom-built [Website + Apps System] so that you can run your cleaning-services business in a more productive, leaner way. Your workflow and productivity will improve. You will be able to manage or delegate your business tasks easily and efficiently. And yes, with your system, your company will appear cool to your customers as well.

Workflow of System

  1. Customer needs cleaning services for his home/office.
  2. Customer comes to your web site or opens your app. He can sign up for an account or he can use the service as a Guest.
  3. If he's a signed-up member, he logs in. As a Guest, he doesn't have to.
  4. As a member, his details are already in the system.
  5. He then clicks [New Order] > picks the date and time of cleaning > picks a Service Type (Urgent, 3 days, etc) > address of cleaning > Payment Mode > clicks Submit.
  6. A notification is then given to him that the Order is being processed. Notifications can be in one or more types of [sms, email, website notification, desktop notification, app notification]
  7. That's the end of the Customer Flow for New Orders.
  1. Admin logs into the system on a daily constant basis, to constantly check for new orders.
  2. New order notifications are also alerted to him by means of one or more types of [sms, email, website notification, desktop notification, app notification]
  3. When he notices a new Order, he opens the Order to view the details. He checks the member info, the order details like address and date and time.
  4. If all is in order, he clicks [Confirm Order]. This will confirm the order.
  5. Customer will then a notification something like: "Your order #12345 for Cleaning Service at 123 MacPherson Rd is now confirmed".
  1. Admin logs into the system.
  2. He checks for Orders which are tagged as Unassigned.
  3. He clicks into one such Unassigned Order.
  4. He then selects one or more from his Cleaning Staff, to assign to this Job.
  5. He repeats until all Unassigned Jobs are Assigned.
  1. All cleaners will be using the App to carry out their cleaning work.
  2. Cleaner will log into App > List of Jobs > See the list of Jobs they have to do for the day (with details)
  3. He will then proceed to the relevant venue at the relevant date/time to do his duties.
  4. After Job is done, Cleaner click on the Job entry > [Job Completed] button > asks the Customer to [Sign] on the app itself.
  5. He then leaves the premise to proceed to the next Job on his list.
  6. He repeats this until all his Assigned Jobs are completed.
  1. Customer will be able to view his current and past orders.
  2. He will be able to rate each Job.
  3. He will be able to submit a Support query.
  4. He can edit his current Order if he wants to have it on another date/time, for example.
  1. Dashboard overall view of key figures and notes.
  2. Admin will be able to view all relevant Reports to monitor all activities related to Jobs, Cleaners and Customers.
  3. This enables the management to study the current standing of business and to plan future strategies.
  4. Reports include
    1. History of Jobs
    2. Status of Jobs
    3. Other unique reports as required by Management
  1. Customers can have a token system which they can pre-top-up to be used during service.
  2. Customers can have a credit facility, for them to pay by the following month.
  3. Special case scenarios: for example what happens if no one is at the premise.
  4. Referral function: clients can refer other clients and be compensated for that, for example with 2 Cleaning Services per referral.
  5. Coupon features: you can choose to run promotions with special coupuns
  6. Various payment options:
    1. pre-payment by Credit Card/Paypal
    2. post-payment by Cash-on-Delivery

Contact Me for a No-Obligations, Care-free, Consultation

  • The above [Web + App] system is not a pre-built, ready-made software. It is an idea of a typical workflow. It can be further custom-developed to your exact specifications.
  • I will give a listening ear to advise you how to move forward with your business idea and technological implementation and if it's possible to get a Government grant for your idea.
  • My contact details: Mobile: 91097721 (Khan) (Singapore-065), Email:

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